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AB - Strenuous
Sunrise at 7:01:25 AM Sunset at 7:08:29 PM

Mike Beadles
Email Mike612-839-5406

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Crow River Winery
14848 Highway 7 E
Hutchinson, MN 55350

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Low-traffic county roads abound as we ride past glimpses of lakes Swan, Shakopee, Maple and Collinwood.
Our first rest stop is at about mile 18 in Dassel at the Casey's Gas Station, with Water, Snacks and Rest Rooms available. 

We then ride past more lakes - Washington, Stella, Manuella, Cedar and Belle.

Second rest stop is at Oddfellows Park in Hutchinson at about mile 41.

The finish of the route rides along the paved Luce Line trail right next to the Crow River in Hutchinson, back to Crow Wing Winery for Grape Stomp watching!

Grape Stomp is BACK!  
Saturday, September 24, 2022  
Free to watch and cheer Grape Stomp!

Ride With GPS URL -

While listed as an "A/B" ride, I personally will be riding more like a "B" pace, 
so am planning to finish this 51 mile ride in about 4 hours at that pace, 
and including rest stop times. 

If other "B" riders are interested in riding together, 
then I will make efforts to keep the "B" group together. 
Others that want to ride faster, since it's listed as "A/B" are also allowed and welcome.

This ride will be held about an hour west of I-494 on Highway 7, 
just west of Silver Lake MN, located at Crow River Winery, 
(please find our dark red van parked near the back of the lot so as to cause the least impact to other customer parking near the front doors).

After the ride, there are more options for those interested for continuing the fun - 
with food, beverage and craft vendors, 
also watching and cheering the stomp competitors at Crow River Winery Grape Stomp 2022.

Crow River Winery
14848 Highway 7 East
Hutchinson, MN 55350

More details including times can be found at - 

Event Calendar | Crow River Winery

Sometimes there’s nothing like a good old-fashioned grape stomp.
Crow River Winery invites you to step back in time and step onto some grapes at our annual Grape Stomp!
We are celebrating the grape harvest with fun for the whole family.
This event is free to attend and open to the public. 
Free live music!

Grape Stomp competitions are from 11:00am-5:00pm 

- Grape Stomping (free to watch, however register before event if wanted to participate in optional grape stomping competition event)
- Live music
- Food vendors
- Beverage vendors 
- Craft Vendors
- The Maze (Tickets will be available onsite for purchase)