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About Ridestats

RideStats was created to help cycling clubs track and manage their rides. It originated as a "favor" to a board member of the Twin Cities Bicycling Club in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2010. The first version was a stand alone application with rides passed along via email. The latest version is a service that any club may subscribe to for the benefit of their members.

Among the many features of RideStats are:

  • Interface with a number of online membership management tools including NEON CRM and Wild Apricot.
  • Coordination of club membership with riding statistics.
  • Dashboard showing riding activity over time
  • Automated management of ride entry, editing and administration for club rides.
  • Public Club Statistics and Customized Member Statistics by Year.

RideStats is a small enterprise and remains dedicated to enhancing the cycling experience for groups of all sizes. If you would to participate, email us to get started. Customizations are possible.

About the Creator

Michele Brougher is an IT Performance Specialist and Developer with 25 years of development experience in distributed computing. An avid cyclist, she currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she splits her time between programming, riding and helping others start down the cycling path.