Twin Cities Bicycling Club


Welcome to the Club Dashboard!

This site is provided as a service to members of the Twin Cities Bicycling Club. All data displayed is the result of efforts of many volunteers.

TCBC members must sign the Ride Report at the beginning of each ride in order to be covered by the Club’s medical and liability insurance and to be counted as a participant in that ride.

If you see a discrepancy in your mileage, please contact the leader of the ride in question. If the ride leader determines that an error has been made, they should contact the RideStats administrator for the correction. 

If you have questions please contact the club administrator:

TCBC plans to resume group riding on May 1st. There will no longer be the option of self-paced solo rides once group riding resumes. After May 1st riders will no longer be able to register for rides or need to report their mileage. For more information about the ride season, click here.

2021 Club Overview
1,092 People
Total Club Distance
28,198 Miles
Rides in our Club

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