Twin Cities Bicycling Club


Current Month Ride Statistics

Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

Top Attended Rides for November, 2021

RideRide DateRidersType
Pho Scramble - SOLO Ride11-01-202017Self Paced
Solo Ride-Lotsa Lakes11-04-202013Self Paced
SOLO Ride-TK's Lilydale 3011-01-202013Self Paced
SOLO-Wheeling Wheelock Double Shot11-01-202012Self Paced
Solo Ride - Stillwater Double X11-04-202012Self Paced
SOLO Ride-Mahtomedi11-25-202011Self Paced
Solo - Tortoises West 3011-01-202010Self Paced
SOLO Ride - Bloomington Bluffs11-04-202010Self Paced
SOLO Ride -Little Canada and Rice Creek Trails11-01-202010Self Paced
SOLO Ride – Ayd Mill Bikeway Loop11-18-20209Self Paced
SOLO - Wheeling Wheelock11-29-20209Self Paced
Fall 50 - SOLO11-04-20209Self Paced
SOLO - Bloomington Ferry 32 11-01-20208Self Paced
SOLO Ride – River to River Greenway11-22-20208Self Paced
Unmapped Brew-SOLO Ride 3111-15-20208Self Paced
SOLO Ride-TK's Lilydale 3011-15-20208Self Paced
SOLO Ride – The Urban Growler Loop11-01-20208Self Paced
SOLO Ride-TK's Lilydale 3011-08-20208Self Paced
SOLO Ride-TK's Lilydale 3011-29-20208Self Paced
Utepils 24 SOLO Ride11-04-20208Self Paced
SOLO Ride – Winter Trails11-11-20208Self Paced
Unmapped Brew-SOLO Ride 3111-04-20208Self Paced
Unmapped Brew-SOLO Ride 3111-22-20207Self Paced
Chilly Tuesdays SOLO11-25-20207Self Paced
SOLO Ride-The Whole Enchilada11-15-20207Self Paced
Turtle Bread - SOLO11-25-20206Self Paced
SOLO Ride-The Whole Enchilada11-22-20206Self Paced
SOLO Ride – Ayd Mill Bikeway Loop11-25-20206Self Paced
Dunn Bros Warmup - Solo - 2011-29-20206Self Paced
Turtle Bread SOLO11-15-20206Self Paced
Unmapped Brew-SOLO Ride 3111-29-20206Self Paced
Pho Scramble - SOLO Ride11-18-20206Self Paced
Chilly Tuesdays SOLO11-18-20206Self Paced
Chilly Route SOLO11-11-20206Self Paced
SOLO - Wheeling Wheelock11-15-20205Self Paced
SOLO Ride – Minnesota River Greenway11-08-20205Self Paced
Turtle Bread SOLO11-08-20205Self Paced
Pho Scramble - SOLO Ride11-25-20205Self Paced
SOLO Ride -Little Canada and Rice Creek Trails11-25-20205Self Paced
SOLO Run for the Border11-25-20205Self Paced
Dunn Bros Warmup - SOLO - 20 mi11-18-20205Self Paced
SOLO Ride – Minnesota River Greenway11-15-20204Self Paced
SOLO Ride – Winter Trails11-22-20204Self Paced
SOLO Ride – Robert Piram Regional Trail11-18-20204Self Paced
SOLO Ride – Minnesota River Greenway11-29-20203Self Paced
SOLO - Wheeling Wheelock11-08-20203Self Paced
SOLO Ride – River to River Greenway11-29-20202Self Paced
SOLO Ride – Jets and Junkyards11-08-20202Self Paced
SOLO Ride-The Whole Enchilada11-08-20202Self Paced
Unmapped Brew-SOLO Ride 3111-08-20202Self Paced