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Current Month Ride Statistics

Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

Top Attended Rides for July, 2021

RideRide DateRidersType
The Whole Enchilada07-07-202129B - Brisk
Les Mis07-08-202129B - Brisk
Mainstreet Monday 07-12-202126AB - Strenuous
TGIF07-09-202126B - Brisk
Tour of Saints Outreach Ride 07-11-202126Outreach
Tuesday Tuneup 2.007-20-202126AB - Strenuous
Wingnut07-03-202125AB - Strenuous
Bloomington Bluffs07-18-202124B - Brisk
The Whole Enchilada07-21-202123B - Brisk
McCullough Park to Wargo Nature Center07-18-202123C - Relaxed
Withrow & Beyond from White Bear07-19-202122AB - Strenuous
TGIF07-02-202122B - Brisk
Friday Metric07-09-202122AB - Strenuous
Tuesday Tuneup 2.007-13-202121AB - Strenuous
Grand Rapids - Day 2 Deer River Wild Rice Festival07-10-202120AB - Strenuous
Minnesota Century07-05-202120AB - Strenuous
Les Mis07-01-202120B - Brisk
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)07-13-202120AB - Strenuous
TGIF07-16-202120B - Brisk
Dakota Riverviews07-23-202120B - Brisk
Sucker Lake Almost to Hugo07-03-202119C - Relaxed
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble07-07-202119C - Relaxed
Grand Rapids - Day 3 07-11-202119AB - Strenuous
Grand Rapids - Day 1 from Klockow Brewing 07-09-202119AB - Strenuous
Cruising from Como07-13-202118B - Brisk
NOT FREE TUESDAY!07-07-202118BC - Moderate
Kodiak Kruze07-19-202118B - Brisk
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble07-21-202118C - Relaxed
TGIF07-23-202118B - Brisk
Cruising from Como07-20-202118B - Brisk
Tamarack Twenty07-20-202117C - Relaxed
Urban Growler Loop07-11-202117B - Brisk
Oakdale to Stillwater Lift Bridge07-16-202117C - Relaxed
BALD EAGLE - BIG MARINE07-08-202117C - Relaxed
Wabun Park to Eat Street07-05-202117BC - Moderate
Cafe` Ride Century - Hillfest from Prescott WI07-10-202116A - Very Strenuous
Carbone's River Ramble07-15-202116B - Brisk
Rice Creek Trails07-01-202116B - Brisk
Les Mis07-15-202116B - Brisk
A Loopy Ride From Como07-24-202116C - Relaxed
Yacht Rock Extended Play07-17-202115BC - Moderate
Ye Olde Brewery Ride (Stillwater)07-15-202115AB - Strenuous
HAGBERG'S FOR DAN07-16-202115BC - Moderate
Thursdays on the Cannon07-22-202115B - Brisk
ToUR (Tour of Unfamiliar Roads)07-13-202115C - Relaxed
Loretto Loop07-15-202114AB - Strenuous
Cruising from Colby Lake07-02-202114B - Brisk
Thursdays on the Cannon07-01-202114B - Brisk
Gateway Express07-20-202114AB - Strenuous
Friday Metric07-16-202114AB - Strenuous
Wabun Park to Eat Street07-19-202114BC - Moderate
Sunday Spin07-18-202113BC - Moderate
PARK TO PARK07-16-202113BC - Moderate
Big Apple Bagel Run - Stillwater07-07-202113AB - Strenuous
Kodiak Kruze07-05-202113B - Brisk
Lake Wobegon Trail Ride07-10-202112C - Relaxed
Excelsior Expresso07-11-202112B - Brisk
Riding From St. Louis Park07-10-202112B - Brisk
PARK TO PARK EAST07-13-202112BC - Moderate
Pizza Pursuit from Keller Lake07-01-202112C - Relaxed
PARK TO PARK07-09-202112BC - Moderate
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble07-14-202111C - Relaxed
Ease Into Biking Series07-10-202111C - Relaxed
Wabun Park to Eat Street07-12-202111BC - Moderate
Valley Views-Medicine Lake-3107-08-202111B - Brisk
Mississippi-Shingle Creek07-19-202111C - Relaxed
A cool morning on the Gateway07-23-202111C - Relaxed
Loretto Loop07-08-202110AB - Strenuous
Lions Park to Sunrise Lake07-02-202110C - Relaxed
Gateway Express07-13-202110AB - Strenuous
Thursdays on the Cannon07-08-202110B - Brisk
Kodiak Kruze07-12-202110B - Brisk
Friday Metric07-02-202110AB - Strenuous
BONE LAKE AND SAND LAKE07-02-20219BC - Moderate
The Former TK's Coffee Ride07-12-20219B - Brisk
Ye Olde Brewery Ride (Stillwater)07-08-20219AB - Strenuous
The Former TK's Coffee Ride07-22-20219B - Brisk
Cafe` Ride - St. Paul to Stillwater 07-24-20219AB - Strenuous
Cruzin the Crow A07-17-20219A - Very Strenuous
Thursdays on the Cannon07-15-20218B - Brisk
Cafe` Ride Century - Mpls to Osceola07-03-20218A - Very Strenuous
Wisconsin Backroads..."Further North to Siren" - Osceola07-03-20217AB - Strenuous
Unmapped Brewery Ride07-09-20217B - Brisk
Valley Views-Medicine Lake-3007-02-20217B - Brisk
Back to the Box - Champlin07-12-20217AB - Strenuous
Hopkins Depot Depart Adventure (Hopkins)07-13-20217B - Brisk
Hugo Moose Adventure 6507-15-20217AB - Strenuous
Loretto Loop07-01-20217AB - Strenuous
Paddy's Rodeo (Hudson, WI)07-16-20217AB - Strenuous
(Maple Grove): Dobo Donut Loop07-21-20217B - Brisk
S.T.o.W. Ride07-21-20216AB - Strenuous
St. Croix Crossing ... "Wisconsin Backroads North" - Stillwater07-24-20216AB - Strenuous
Tuesday Trek07-20-20216AB - Strenuous
Sunrise Solitude07-18-20216AB - Strenuous
TGIF v.207-18-20216AB - Strenuous
Loretto Loop07-22-20216AB - Strenuous
Pieces of Eight07-15-20216C - Relaxed
Saturday Spin07-03-20216BC - Moderate
Paddy's Rodeo (Hudson, WI)07-09-20216AB - Strenuous
TGIF v.207-04-20216AB - Strenuous
The Whole Enchilada07-14-20216B - Brisk
PARK TO PARK07-02-20216BC - Moderate
COFFEE AT THE WILD BEAN07-10-20216BC - Moderate
Hugo Moose Adventure 63 & 79 - Hugo 07-05-20216AB - Strenuous
Sunrise Solitude07-04-20216AB - Strenuous
Wisconsin Backroads... "Osceola 2 Turtle Lake" 07-10-20216AB - Strenuous
Ride to Lone Lake in Minnetonka07-15-20215C - Relaxed
That Dam Ride to and around Elm Creek Park07-11-20215BC - Moderate
(Maple Grove): Uncle Albertville07-17-20215B - Brisk
Wisconsin Hills - River Falls East07-17-20215AB - Strenuous
Friday Metric07-23-20215AB - Strenuous
Hopkins Depot Depart Adventure (Hopkins)07-20-20214B - Brisk
Hugo 2 Stillwater 60 v307-21-20214AB - Strenuous
Wake Up and Ride! (St Louis Park)07-14-20214BC - Moderate
Rolling on the West Side07-11-20214AB - Strenuous
Sunrise Solitude07-11-20214AB - Strenuous
Wisconsin Hills - Alleho to the South07-03-20214AB - Strenuous
Zumbro Gravel Challenge 135k/200k07-10-20214Outreach
E-cubed (^3) Ride07-07-20213C - Relaxed
Paddy's Rodeo (Hudson, WI)07-02-20213AB - Strenuous
Wake Up and Ride! (St Louis Park)07-07-20213BC - Moderate
TGIF v.207-11-20213AB - Strenuous
Tuesday Trek07-13-20213AB - Strenuous
Dunn Out West - Champlin07-13-20213AB - Strenuous
Fish Lake NW Expanded07-17-20213BC - Moderate
PARK TO PARK07-23-20213BC - Moderate
Wake Up and Ride! (St Louis Park)07-21-20212BC - Moderate
Tater Tour Red Route07-24-20212BC - Moderate
Rolling on the West Side07-04-20212AB - Strenuous
Dinkytown Edition Pho Scramble07-01-20212B - Brisk
Dinkytown Scramble07-12-20212B - Brisk
North Loop Scramble07-15-20212B - Brisk
Dinkytown Scramble07-08-20212B - Brisk
Wisconsin Hills Before Your Knapp 10107-10-20211AB - Strenuous