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Top Attended Rides for August, 2019

RideRide DateRidersAverage Yearly Mileage for Riders on this RideAverage Yearly Rides for Riders on this Ride
'Outreach Ride: Tour de Tonka"08-03-20194881921
Tuesday Tuneup 2.008-06-201933121130
The Whole Enchilada08-14-201931116332
TGIF Dinner Series Ride08-16-201928117034
Midtown Challenge08-14-201927110122
A Birthday Ride for Ice Cream08-11-201924137737
TGIF Dinner Series Ride08-09-201924135138
Cafe` Ride to Ruby's Roost 45 miles08-17-20192257115
Pink Express08-12-201922118934
Tuesday Tuneup 2.008-13-201922160039
Midtown Challenge08-07-201922124224
Mainstreet Monday A/B08-19-20192294827
Les Mis08-08-201922153238
Mainstreet Monday A/B08-12-20192282122
Les Mis08-15-201922198848
Pink Express08-19-201920112131
Gateway Express08-06-201920155040
Maple Grove to Buffalo (and back)08-11-201919109028
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group08-11-201919119523
Come Ride the Westside08-09-201918155838
TGIF Dinner Series Ride08-02-201918103029
Cowboy Jacks Plymouth08-07-20191889026
North x Northwest: Maple Grove/St. Michael Loop08-04-201918140935
Tuesday Tune-Up on Sunday08-18-201917188548
Excelsior Expresso 31/3708-11-201917110332
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)08-06-201917146541
FREE TUESDAY GOES TO SELMA'S08-06-201917129640
Scandia Scamper08-04-201917117031
Primrose Path to Hugo08-11-20191657322
Mississippi-Shingle Creek08-17-20191561823
Shoreview Sleep-in08-03-20191566921
Lift Bridge Brewery Ride08-15-201915105031
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble08-14-20191552321
Minnetonka Meander08-19-201915163044
Gateway Express08-13-201915131834
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble08-21-20191551421
Come Ride the Westside08-16-201914223454
Ride Across the Border08-14-201914224549
Maple Island Brewery Ride08-08-201913119634
Excelsior to Carver County Park08-09-20191356222
Mendota to Eat Street08-12-20191383826
Friday Metric08-09-201913154837
Wednesdays from Webster08-07-20191326711
Buffalo Butt Buster08-18-201913101327
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble08-07-20191337815
Dam, Lake and Creeks08-06-20191346419
Burger King to Lake Elmo08-02-20191379229
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group08-17-201913119123
EAST FROM OAKDALE08-22-201913118033
Mendota to Eat Street08-19-20191262020
The new improved Still Kruzin: Mahtomedi08-07-201912193547
Cowboy Jacks Plymouth08-21-20191282623
Ride To Surly Brewery For Lunch08-21-20191253918
The Former TK'S Coffee Ride08-07-201912180849
Thursdays on the Cannon08-08-20191269620
PARK TO PARK ON THE EAST SIDE08-15-201912148944
Minnetonka Meander08-12-201911158944
PARK TO PARK08-02-201911125436
Thursdays on the Cannon08-22-20191152616
Friday Metric08-16-201911155040
Dakota Riverviews08-09-20191196027
WI HILLS MAIDEN ROCK08-03-201911131927
Golden Valley meander08-08-20191156219
Mendota to Eat Street08-05-20191059020
Taylor Made - Chisago City (46/51 miles)08-17-201910253661
FROM OAKDALE AND BEYOND08-18-20191086228
Hopkins Depot Depart Adventure08-20-201910159547
Gears, Tears and Fears08-20-201910114626
The Former TK'S Coffee Ride08-14-201910135738
WOODBURY AND PIZZA08-16-201910168352
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group08-10-201910167533
Mainstreet Monday A/B08-05-201910108032
Hopkins Depot to College of St. Thomas St. Paul08-07-20191047020
St. Bonifacius to Mayer to Mound08-03-20191053822
St Bonifacius to Lester Prairie on Dakota Rail Trail08-11-20191061025
Ride To Surly Brewery For Lunch08-07-20191045714
Anoka Hennipin River Ride08-06-20191068121
Minnetonka meander08-15-20199103133
Anoka Hennipin River Ride08-20-20199207156
Hopkins Depot Depart Adventure08-08-20199174552
Wednesdays from Webster08-21-2019945520
PARK TO PARK08-09-20199114931
The new improved Still Kruzin: Mahtomedi08-14-20199162439
Gears, Tears and Fears08-06-20199122225
Kodiak Kruze08-12-20199211855
Friday Metric08-02-20199154437
Coon Rapids Dam to Bunker Hills08-09-2019989633
Bike To Breakfast: Swede Hollow08-03-2019859424
Excelsior Expresso 31/3708-04-2019863619
Wednesdays from Webster08-14-2019830514
Hopkins Depot Depart Adventure08-15-20198178751
PARK TO PARK08-16-2019849015
Thursdays on the Cannon08-15-2019866319
The Former TK'S Coffee Ride08-21-20198147943
Fish Lake NW Expanded08-17-2019744615
Lions Park to Sunrise Lake08-08-2019755723
Paddy's Sunday Pedal08-18-2019797628
24 miles and some lakes08-19-20197106737
Pink Express08-05-20197174345
Minneapolis and St Paul and the Big River08-16-2019740917
Thursday Out West08-08-20197214751
Mainstreet Monday B08-12-2019744217
Thursday Out West08-22-20197241854
HUGO CLASSIC (GR2) - LINWOOD, STACY and CHISAGO CITY - 62/53/68 Miles08-11-20197176542
EZ Ridn' - Stillwater08-12-2019668727
Tonka Cycle 08-22-20196114630
Paddy's Rodeo08-02-20196100331
Warm up from Stillwater08-04-20196122846
Mainstreet Monday B08-19-20196272268
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group08-04-20196236046
Sunday Spin08-04-20196106230
Stillwater Double Cross08-16-2019699227
Delightful Rides from Delicata08-20-2019569621
Sunday Sunrise Solitude08-04-20195242951
Wednesday Wingnut on Sunday08-04-20195206757
Kodiak Kruze08-19-20195192155
Musical Wednesday 08-07-2019561023
Lakes and Rivers Roundabout08-12-2019551122
Hilly Thursday08-08-2019577822
Hopkins Depot Depart Adventure08-06-20195169952
Little Canada Rides08-07-2019577330
King-Sized Tater Tour08-03-20195193649
Tuesday Trek08-06-2019546015
Taylor Made - Chisago City (46/51 miles)08-09-20195125734
Laid Back in Eden Prairie08-14-2019563423
Cannon Trail08-19-2019452424
Windmill rides08-22-20194183567
Thursday Out West08-15-20194278064
Maple Grove: The Rockford Miles08-15-2019450514
Tuesday Trek08-13-20194200760
Ride to the Ride (Les Mis)08-15-20194348175
Paddy's Rodeo08-16-20194136140
Minnetonka Meander08-05-20194180651
Kodiak Kruze08-05-20194288381
Wisconsin Hills - River Falls08-18-20194232846
Sunday Sunrise Solitude08-11-20194213442
Visiting Harriet08-08-2019441316
Hilly Thursday 08-15-20194108330
Delightful Rides from Delicata08-06-2019498629
Hopkins Depot Depart Adventure08-13-20193254176
Laid Back in Eden Prairie08-07-201932118
Dutch Treat08-15-20193187556
Dutch Treat08-08-2019378023
Ride Nine Mile Creek Regional Trail08-16-2019325911
Ride to Twin Lakes08-12-2019350918
CARS and The Mermaid 208-20-20192182967
Gears, Tears and Fears08-13-2019275718
Delightful Rides from Delicata08-13-2019276522