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Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

Top Attended Rides for January, 2018

RideRide DateRidersAverage Yearly Mileage for Riders on this RideAverage Yearly Rides for Riders on this Ride
Dunn with Winter01-20-20181344711
Frozen Nose and Toes Century01-01-2018113258
Dunn with Winter01-27-2018946611
Midtown Challenges the Dark Night01-10-2018757714
Dunn with Winter01-21-2018560914
Sonny Winter Standard and Extended01-20-201852237
Dunn with Winter01-28-2018482619
Midtown Challenges the Dark Night01-31-20184100624
Saturday Dam Ride01-20-201842036
Winter Bru Ride01-20-2018439810
Crow-Creek Winter All-Roads Adventure - Champlin01-27-2018356814
Hopkins Depot Depart01-25-201831868
Dunn with Winter01-07-2018350512
Friday Mapless "B" Ride - Champlin01-19-2018350113
Dunn with Winter01-14-2018371117
Dunn with Winter01-13-2018378718
I'm riding...How about you! - Champlin01-09-2018347412
Dunn with Winter01-06-2018373017
Saint Paul River Round01-26-2018268217
Mild Weather Wednesday - Champlin01-31-2018277119
Dunn with Winter01-03-2018276618
Fat-ur-Day Fun-Day Warm-Day (North St Paul)01-20-201821738
Fat-ur-Day Fun-Day (Rockford)01-27-2018232215
Midtown Challenges the Dark Night01-24-2018289323
"I have no idea" Adventure - Champlin01-25-2018264216
On the Bike, Again...Winter Ride 01-07-2018255513