Twin Cities Bicycling Club


Current Year Ride Statistics

Most Attended Rides for 2021

This shows which recurring rides have the highest attendance during the current ride year. You can sort by any column.

EventScheduledTotal RidersAvg Riders
Tuesday Tuneup 2.01123722
North Suburban Rides1519113
Westside Monday1118817
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)918721
Les Mis918120
SOLO Ride-The Whole Enchilada261676
Champlin Mid Morning Ramble1216614
Cruising from Como1115614
The Whole Enchilada614825
Ramsey County Rides814518
Cafe` Ride1014414
SOLO - Wheeling Wheelock241366
Friday Metric1113012
Wabun Park to Eat Street1112511
Thursdays on the Cannon1011111
SOLO Ride – Ayd Mill Bikeway Loop151087
Chilly Tuesdays SOLO20995
Gateway Express99310
Rice Creek Trails13877
Ye Olde Brewery Ride (Stillwater)78612
Ease Into Biking Series98610
Pink Express 202158517
Dinkytown Scramble16855
Brewery Rides38428
St. Croix Crossing - Stillwater11848
The Former TK's Coffee Ride78312
Yacht Rock Extended Play68114
Kodiak Kruze67713
Tuesday Trek11767
Loretto Loop9768
Unmapped Brew-SOLO Ride 3213675
Excelsior Expresso46216
Grand Rapids - Overnight 35819
TK's 35E SOLO 298577
Paddy's Rodeo (Hudson, WI)9566
Spiral Brewery/Spring Lake Park Loop25427
SOLO Ride – River to River Greenway15534
SOLO Ride-Mahtomedi55210
Bloomington Bluffs45012
SOLO Ride - Bloomington Bluffs12484
Solo-Bald Eagle Beauty5479
SOLO Ride – Winter Trails15463
Various Rides from South East/west Metro24623
Sunday Spin44511
Brewery Loop Tour34314
Wake Up and Ride! (St Louis Park)9415
Dakota Riverviews24020
Solo - Fall Warmers7396
TK's Lilydale SOLO 30 5388
Hugo 2 Stillwater7365
Unmapped Brewery Ride5357
Gateway to Stillwater33411
Blackwater Coffee Ride23216
Lions Park to Sunrise Lake33110
Winter Ride & Summer Rides9313
Utepils Brewery Ride-2433110
Valley Views-3022814
Wisconsin Backroads...3279
SOLO Ride – Mississippi River Trails9273
Tour of Saints Outreach Ride 12626
Sunrise Solitude5265
Wisconsin Hills - River Falls in 20215245
Various Rides from White Bear Lake Area 12222
Various Rides Washington County/Wisconsin22211
North by North St Paul22110
Coon Rapids Dam - Sand Creek3217
Minnesota Century12020
West of Medicine - SOLO5194
Suburban Ride 36/4311818
Ride Across the Border 37/51/622189
Grey Cloud Island11818
Valley Views-Medicine Lake-312189
Hopkins Depot Depart Adventure (Hopkins)3186
E-cubed (^3) Ride4174
Run for the Border11717
Carbone's River Ramble11616
Further North to Siren - Osceola3165
TGIF v.23155
Lion's Park - Rum River - Bunker Hill2147
9 Mile Creek - Cedar Lake11414
Cruising from Colby Lake11414
Washington County Whirl11414
Station North Park to Rum River Park2147
Solo Ride - Stillwater Double X11212
Wisconsin Hills from Hudson, Alma, Menominee, Maiden Rock, or Plum City 20213124
Lake Wobegon Trail Ride11212
Outreach Ride: Shoreview Tour de Trails11212
Western Suburbs - Erik's11212
Excelsior Expresso-SOLO 37/312126
SOLO Ride – Minnesota River Greenway3124
Riding From St. Louis Park11111
Ride From North Hennepin11010
Watch the River Flow2105
SOLO Ride - DZ's Lakewood to Willernie199
Cruzin the Crow A199
Gail Elliott Memorial Ride199
Ride Across the Border - 37199
Sunday Spin Variant199
Marine on St. Croix188
Northeast Lakes Loop 188
Ride to Hopkins Depot188
Solo-Suburban Spring Ride - 43188
Cruzin The Crow188
SOLO Ride - Ride Across the Border 37188
SOLO Ride – The Urban Growler Loop188
(Maple Grove): Uncle Albertville274
Blackwater Coffee 38 - Solo274
Dobo Donut Loop177
Friday’s Ride to Hopkins Depotf177
The Rockford Miles177
King-Sized Tater Tour166
Pieces of Eight166
S.T.o.W. Ride166
Wednesday's Ride166
Ride through Richfield and Bloomington166
Saturday Spin166
Unmapped Brew 33 - Solo166
Rolling on the West Side263
SOLO Ride - Hudson to River Falls155
Swing to Pickerel155
That Dam Ride to and around Elm Creek Park155
Cannon Falls - Red Wing Rides 155
Ride to Lone Lake in Minnetonka155
Southern Metro Ride155
A Short Evening Bike Ride144
SOLO Ride – Robert Piram Regional Trail144
Cruising from Como - Longer Version133
Fish Lake NW Expanded133
Saturday Spin (on Sunday)133
Short 'n Sweet Ride around Richfield133
New Rolling Brook - Hudson122
North Loop Scramble122
SOLO Ride – Jets and Junkyards122
Tater Tour Red Route122