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The following rides are the 50 most recently turned in rides in the last 30 days. If you don't see your ride, it probably hasn't been entered yet. Give it a few days. If you have concerns or it has been over 2 weeks, contact your club ridestats administrator or talk to your ride leader.

50 most recently turned in rides as of 07-30-2021

RideRide TypeRide DateRidersEntry Date
Unmapped Brewery RideB - Brisk07-29-20212807-29-2021
Thursdays on the CannonB - Brisk07-29-20211107-29-2021
Transit Station to ScandiaC - Relaxed07-29-20211107-29-2021
Uncle AlbertvilleB - Brisk07-29-2021507-29-2021
Wake Up and Ride! (St Louis Park)BC - Moderate07-28-2021207-28-2021
Champlin Mid Morning RambleC - Relaxed07-28-2021607-28-2021
St. Croix Crossing ...WI Backroads 58 & 65 - StillwaterAB - Strenuous07-28-2021307-28-2021
Tuesday Tuneup 2.0AB - Strenuous07-27-20212507-28-2021
Gateway ExpressAB - Strenuous07-27-2021707-28-2021
Lakewood HillsC - Relaxed07-27-20211007-27-2021
Cruising from ComoB - Brisk07-27-20211307-27-2021
Withrow & Beyond from White BearAB - Strenuous07-26-20211607-27-2021
Wabun Park to Eat StreetBC - Moderate07-26-2021807-26-2021
Sand Plains Elements - ChamplinAB - Strenuous07-26-2021607-26-2021
Kodiak KruzeB - Brisk07-26-2021707-26-2021
Snail and Turtle RideC - Relaxed07-26-20211707-26-2021
Cruising from Como - Longer VersionB - Brisk07-26-20212007-26-2021
Spiral Brewery/Spring Lake Park LoopB - Brisk07-25-20213707-25-2021
TGIF v.2AB - Strenuous07-25-2021507-26-2021
The Rockford MilesB - Brisk07-25-2021707-25-2021
Sunrise SolitudeAB - Strenuous07-25-2021707-26-2021
Outreach Ride: Shoreview Tour de TrailsOutreach07-25-20211207-25-2021
Tater Tour Red RouteBC - Moderate07-24-2021207-24-2021
A Loopy Ride From ComoC - Relaxed07-24-20211607-24-2021
Cafe` Ride - St. Paul to Stillwater AB - Strenuous07-24-2021907-24-2021
Wisconsin Hills UFO CircleAB - Strenuous07-24-2021207-25-2021
Yacht Rock Extended PlayBC - Moderate07-24-20211807-25-2021
St. Croix Crossing ... "Wisconsin Backroads North" - StillwaterAB - Strenuous07-24-2021607-24-2021
WingnutAB - Strenuous07-24-20211107-26-2021
Ease Into Biking SeriesC - Relaxed07-24-2021407-25-2021
Dakota RiverviewsB - Brisk07-23-20212007-23-2021
TGIFB - Brisk07-23-20211807-24-2021
Friday MetricAB - Strenuous07-23-2021507-23-2021
A cool morning on the GatewayC - Relaxed07-23-20211107-23-2021
PARK TO PARKBC - Moderate07-23-2021307-23-2021
LONE LAKE OR BUSTC - Relaxed07-22-2021707-26-2021
Thursdays on the CannonB - Brisk07-22-20211507-22-2021
Les MisB - Brisk07-22-20212907-26-2021
Loretto LoopAB - Strenuous07-22-2021607-23-2021
The Former TK's Coffee RideB - Brisk07-22-2021907-22-2021
Wake Up and Ride! (St Louis Park)BC - Moderate07-21-2021207-21-2021
Hugo 2 Stillwater 60 v3AB - Strenuous07-21-2021407-21-2021
Champlin Mid Morning RambleC - Relaxed07-21-20211807-21-2021
(Maple Grove): Dobo Donut LoopB - Brisk07-21-2021707-21-2021
S.T.o.W. RideAB - Strenuous07-21-2021607-21-2021
The Whole EnchiladaB - Brisk07-21-20212307-22-2021
Tuesday Tuneup 2.0AB - Strenuous07-20-20212607-20-2021
Tamarack TwentyC - Relaxed07-20-20211707-20-2021
Hopkins Depot Depart Adventure (Hopkins)B - Brisk07-20-2021407-20-2021
Tuesday TrekAB - Strenuous07-20-2021607-21-2021