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Rides Turned in during the past 30 days
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226 Total Rides

The following rides are the 50 most recently turned in rides in the last 30 days. If you don't see your ride, it probably hasn't been entered yet. Give it a few days. If you have concerns or it has been over 2 weeks, contact your club ridestats administrator or talk to your ride leader.

50 most recently turned in rides as of 06-16-2019

RideRide TypeRide DateRidersEntry Date
Sunday SpinBC06-16-2019706-16-2019
Scandia ScamperB06-16-20191606-16-2019
Shoreview-Circle PinesC06-16-2019806-16-2019
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling GroupA06-15-20191306-15-2019
Northern Spark We Are Here!NBC06-15-2019106-16-2019
Ease Into Biking SeriesC06-15-2019306-16-2019
Spooky HollowNC06-15-2019306-16-2019
Dakota RiverviewsB06-14-20191606-14-2019
Steel Toe Brewery RideB06-14-20191106-15-2019
Come Ride The WestsideAB06-14-20191106-14-2019
PARK TO PARKBC06-14-2019906-16-2019
TGIF Dinner Series RideB06-14-20191806-15-2019
Coon Rapids Dam to Bunker HillsC06-14-20191406-14-2019
Dutch TreatA06-13-2019506-13-2019
Maple Grove MeanderBC06-13-20191206-16-2019
Lions Park to Sunrise LakeC06-13-2019506-13-2019
Thursday Out WestAB06-13-2019906-14-2019
Maple Island Brewery RideAB06-13-20191806-16-2019
Thursdays on the CannonB06-13-20191106-13-2019
Hopkins Depot Depart AdventureBC06-13-2019906-13-2019
Fran's Birthday Ride from Urban GrowlerB06-13-20191906-15-2019
Sakata Loop TrailB06-12-2019306-12-2019
Little Canada: White BearC06-12-2019506-12-2019
Ride To Surly Brewery For LunchBC06-12-2019606-12-2019
Champlin Mid Morning RambleC06-12-20191706-12-2019
Wednesday WingnutAB06-12-20191606-16-2019
The Whole EnchiladaB06-12-20193606-13-2019
Get To Know Eden PrairieC06-12-20191406-12-2019
Gateway ExpressAB06-11-2019306-13-2019
Depot B Train WestB06-11-2019106-12-2019
Gears, Tears and FearsAB06-11-2019206-12-2019
Hopkins Depot Depart AdventureBC06-11-2019106-12-2019
Tuesday TrekB06-11-2019406-12-2019
Anoka Hennepin River RideB06-11-2019406-12-2019
Minnetonka MeanderAB06-10-2019706-11-2019
EZ Ridn'-Little CanadaC06-10-2019506-10-2019
Kodiak KruzeB06-10-2019706-10-2019
Back to School - White Bear LakeAB06-10-20191606-10-2019
Mendota to Eat StreetBC06-10-20191706-10-2019
Pink ExpressB06-10-20192306-11-2019
HUGO To BONE LAKE, SCANDIA AND MARINE On ST. CROIX (GROUP 3) - 37/44/48 MilesAB06-10-2019806-10-2019
Gail Elliott MemorialB06-09-20191206-09-2019
Sunday Sunrise SolitudeAB06-09-2019506-13-2019
Outreach Ride: Luce Line LoopsO06-09-2019806-15-2019
Primrose Path to HugoC06-09-20191106-09-2019
Tuesday Tune-Up on SundayB06-09-2019506-09-2019
Ease Into Biking SeriesC06-08-2019806-08-2019
Cruzin The Crow BB06-08-20191006-09-2019
Wisconsin Hills - River FallsA06-08-2019606-09-2019