Twin Cities Bicycling Club


Current Year Ride Statistics

Most Attended Rides for 2021

Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

RideRide DateRidersType
Bent Brewstillery Ride to Blaine05-22-202151AB - Strenuous
Spiral Brewery/Spring Lake Park Loop07-25-202137B - Brisk
TGIF05-28-202132B - Brisk
Les Mis06-17-202131B - Brisk
The Whole Enchilada06-30-202131B - Brisk
Dakota Badlands05-31-202131AB - Strenuous
Tuesday Tuneup 2.006-22-202130AB - Strenuous
The Whole Enchilada V206-16-202130B - Brisk
Tuesday Tuneup 2.006-01-202129AB - Strenuous
The Whole Enchilada07-07-202129B - Brisk
The Whole Enchilada06-23-202129B - Brisk
Les Mis07-08-202129B - Brisk
Les Mis07-22-202129B - Brisk
TGIF06-25-202128B - Brisk
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)05-25-202128AB - Strenuous
Excelsior Expresso05-29-202127B - Brisk
Tour of Saints Outreach Ride 07-11-202126Outreach
Tuesday Tuneup 2.007-20-202126AB - Strenuous
Mainstreet06-21-202126AB - Strenuous
Mainstreet Monday 07-12-202126AB - Strenuous
TGIF07-09-202126B - Brisk
TGIF06-11-202125B - Brisk
Wingnut07-03-202125AB - Strenuous
Tuesday Tuneup 2.007-27-202125AB - Strenuous
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)06-01-202124AB - Strenuous
Bloomington Bluffs07-18-202124B - Brisk
TGIF05-21-202124B - Brisk
SCANDIA-SAND LAKE06-22-202124BC - Moderate
McCullough Park to Wargo Nature Center07-18-202123C - Relaxed
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)05-11-202123AB - Strenuous
Tuesday Tuneup 2.006-08-202123AB - Strenuous
Tuesday Tuneup 2.005-25-202123AB - Strenuous
The Whole Enchilada07-21-202123B - Brisk
Les Mis06-03-202123B - Brisk
The Former TK's Coffee Ride05-01-202123B - Brisk
Big Wood Brewery to Scandia06-19-202123AB - Strenuous
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)06-29-202123AB - Strenuous
Fox and Shadow05-29-202122C - Relaxed
Withrow & Beyond from White Bear07-19-202122AB - Strenuous
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)06-08-202122AB - Strenuous
Friday Metric07-09-202122AB - Strenuous
TGIF07-02-202122B - Brisk
Mainstreet Monday 07-19-202122AB - Strenuous
Cruising from Como06-15-202121B - Brisk
TGIF06-04-202121B - Brisk
Tuesday Tuneup 2.006-29-202121AB - Strenuous
Mainstreet06-07-202121AB - Strenuous
Mainstreet05-24-202121AB - Strenuous
Mississippi-Shingle Creek06-18-202121C - Relaxed
Tuesday Tuneup 2.007-13-202121AB - Strenuous