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Current Year Ride Statistics

Most Attended Rides for 2019

Values are updated on a nightly basis to reflect rides entered during the day.

RideRide DateRidersAverage Yearly Mileage for Riders on this RideAverage Rides for Riders on this Ride
Brainerd Lakes05-31-20195135010
Brainerd Lakes06-02-20194548013
The Whole Enchilada06-05-20194344213
Pink Express05-13-2019373149
The Whole Enchilada05-15-2019363179
Cafe` Ride Now Bikes Arden Hills05-11-2019362839
The Whole Enchilada06-12-20193650414
Duluth In A Day06-07-20193650010
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group04-20-2019324189
The Whole Enchilada05-29-20193137211
Pink Express05-20-20193051314
Midtown Challenge05-29-20193073815
Mainstreet Monday A/B06-03-2019293009
Tuesday Tuneup 2.006-04-20192768017
TGIF Dinner Series Ride06-07-20192749715
Tuesday Tuneup 2.005-14-20192649813
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group05-11-20192674615
Not the Ironman Ride04-28-20192649212
Pink Express05-06-20192544913
Bent Brewstillery Ride (Roseville)05-04-2019252327
Run for the Border05-05-20192534210
Mainstreet Monday A/B05-20-2019252477
Midtown Challenge03-27-2019253699
TGIF Dinner Series Ride05-10-2019243129
Tuesday Tuneup 2.005-07-20192440011
Tuesday Tuneup 2.004-23-2019242978
The Formerly TK'S Coffee Ride11-01-20182400
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group05-04-20192450511
Midtown Challenge06-05-20192391619
Pink Express06-10-20192374520
Les Mis05-16-20192375018
Lift Bridge North04-20-2019231735
Acapulco Ride (Stillwater)04-23-201922973
Midtown Challenge04-03-20192246511
Mainstreet Monday A/B05-06-2019221455
Pink Express06-03-20192260117
Friday Metric06-07-20192270518
Midtown Challenge05-15-20192270315
Pink Express04-08-2019211545
Cafe` Ride to Ruby's06-01-2019212809
Hopkins Depot to Patrick's Bakery in Bachman's 04-23-201920583
Dunn Early by Randall's Midtown Cycling Group06-01-201920115523
LOST IN WOODBURY05-30-20192034112
Pink Express04-29-20192040012